From Ears to Eyes: Fireflies

From Ears to Eyes: Fireflies

“Fireflies” by Owl City is a really peaceful and soothing song. Even though it is over a decade old, it’s still very popular. It has a wistful feeling that reminds me of times spent with friends over the summer.

I decided to draw a baby mobile that shows outer space because when I close my eyes, this song takes me far away. A hanging baby mobile also fits well with the lyrics since sleeping is mentioned multiple times during the song. I decided to draw fireflies coming out of a crack in the Earth because it shows how they burst out of reality, which the Earth represents, and they fly into space and explore. I have actually never seen fireflies before, so I drew them from my imagination. 

I used many shades of blue to color the Earth, and I like how it turned out because of the way the lines cross over one another. The marker lines are entangled with one another, which reminds me of how the past is tangled with the present as well, giving off the same feeling as the song.

You may already know this song, but take another listen, and maybe you’ll see it in a whole new light. 

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