Teenage Fever: Opening the Door

Being a teenager is an ongoing fever. (I’ll write that lyric down later). Every time I think I’m recovering, the concept of time beats me to it. Let’s be real, it is difficult to get out of bed. At the lowest points of my life, I’ve felt trapped by my bed’s grasp, which won’t let me out of my room.

The cure? Maybe better time management, but mostly music. Listening to songs that I could relate to helps me feel less alone. Lyrics can reveal a story in less than five minutes. Songs express emotions I could never put into words alone. That is my medication and my ongoing cure.

Starting high school is one of my biggest obstacles in life. It’s hard to get away from massive piles of homework and afterschool activities. When I have free time, I love to work with my instruments and write songs. Songwriting is an imaginary diary for me; every song connects me to my memories and feelings.

Teenage Fever is about my songwriting process. This column will let you flip through my entries which I will express through visual collages. I will also show you the works of how to construct a musical story, from beginning to end. Are you ready to step out of the bedroom and into the dream of life?