The Curtain Rises: In the Beginning

I’ve always had a passion for music which is hard to explain; melodies get stuck in my head, along with their power to change my mood. I haven’t been to a concert yet, but I really enjoy watching clips on Youtube. I think it’s pretty sick how artists can get a whole crowd to feel a single emotion just by performing a song. Some of my favorite artists/inspirations are Joji, XXXTENTACION, Juice WRLD, Tyler the Creator, 88Rising, Rich Brian, Travis Scott, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Porter Robinson, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean. I have been writing lyrics and making beats for a few years now, but I’ve never had the courage to actually show people what I’ve created. As I’m writing this, I’m a little nervous about putting my songs out there but I think that it’s better to go for it while I have the chance; no regrets!

I hope to inspire others who feel the same anxiety and help give them the courage to share whatever they do. The song I created this time is a little different because I was able to make the beat myself.  I chose to start in Garage Band, but I think I will try out different music programs in later songs to find more sounds. I sampled the beginning of the song with a track called “Personality” by Johnny Mercer, which is a song that was released in the 1940s. I sampled this song because I wanted to create a false sense of a kind of genre I might be going for before dropping the actual beat. I created and produced this one myself and I’m excited to do more. When I was writing this song, I was thinking about what it would be like to finally show people one of my songs. Mark my words: one day, I’ll perform this to a crowd. The title of the track is called “Break A Leg” because I plan on placing this song at the beginning of my concept album titled: The Curtain Rises. Each song on this album is meant to be better than the previous one so look forward to the next one. Here’s a little teaser. Enjoy!