From Ears to Eyes: Sailboats

This post was inspired by “Sailboats” by Adam Young. When I listen to this song, I imagine a sailboat drifting through the night sky, flying higher and higher until it disappears from view. Sailboats remind me of fantasies I had as a kid, when anything felt possible. Young’s voice is like the cool night wind during the summer.

In my drawing, I’ve depicted a boy standing in his pajamas, holding a teddy bear and relishing his dream. Also there’s a sailboat that could never really sail above the mountains with a stream of paper airplanes. The airplanes were inspired by his album cover, which has a cluster of flying paper airplanes. 

The mountains, sailboats, and airplanes were colored using pens and markers; the moon and background were done using watercolors. I linked the song below: have a listen! See you soon.