Stories of Resistance: Love is an Action


Rachel Krow-Boniske

Her quote of embodiment:

“Love is an action, never simply a feeling.” – bell hooks

Why do you do activism work?

“I do activist work because I believe from the deepest part of myself that the world doesn’t have to be the way it is right now. We live in a really fvcked up world…there’s so much wrong, so much pain and so much suffering. I believe from my heart that it doesn’t have to be this way, and that we can do better. We built this world, so we can build something better. I’ve seen glimpses of it in communities I’ve been in where we relate to each other with consent, trust, and accountability…and I know, even in moments and glimpses of it, that it’s possible and I want to do work to create that.”


What does resistance mean to you?

“Resistance means speaking truth to power, not taking the bullshxt, and standing up for oneself. Actually, not even just for oneself but also for our communities. Resistance means people coming together to say that, “We’re not going to take this,” saying that, and acting on that, saying that in the face of oppression, the face of power, and creating something different.”

How do you resist?

“I resist by refusing to stay silent or complicit. Much of my work is rooted in following the leadership of women of color. There’s so much to learn from women of color, queer women of color; the histories and legacies from decades and centuries of resistance. I do a lot of work supporting organizations led by women of color, and I also try to work with other white folks. That work is not always the most fun, but so necessary for us to end racism, white supremacy, and really create a different world, where we can change the structures that we’ve created. I resist the ways that I’ve been taught to be a white person, which is to be oppressive and hurt other people. I want to learn to unlearn that by working with other white folks.”


Photos, edits, and words by Alice Kuang.