Thrifty Business: Getting Started


I remember my first visit to a thrift store. The air was musky with the scents of various fabrics and household items. There were clothes strewn all over the racks, organized only by their color. I was enticed by the unorganized mess that was a thrift store. I explored the racks, piling clothes into my welcoming arms. After that, I kept going back. I loved the hunt. It always took several trips to find something that spoke to me, but I found the search for that one endearing item in the mess of dozens exciting. 

As I became familiar with the joy of thrift stores, I realised the negative connotation that many of my friends associated with the word “thrift”. This divide (my love for thrift vs. the misconceptions) has inspired both the name and concept for my column: Thrifty Business! This is a place where I will share the wonders of thrifting. These stores hold all varieties of styles, fit for a plethora of different tastes and preferences.

Just imagine it, every item you find in a thrift store has a story. You never know who may have held it before you, but thrifting entails taking risks. You have to be willing to try something new (to you) and something outside of your comfort zone. By the end of this cycle at The Wave, I hope you see thrift stores as I do: a place to take risks and to try new things. But have no fear, I’ll be here to walk you through all the gambles, wild larks, and treasure hunting.

Words by Laura Tran. Image by Claudia Chen.