Joaquin – Angels Fight With Their Fists

This is a play about being a teenager in San Francisco and about discovering who you are. I had a lot of fun writing this and I am excited to have this produced at Ruth Asawa School of The Arts in May.

Here is the opening monologue from my play, Angels Fight with their Fists:

Eloise: My name is Eloise. I am an angel who was born July 19th, 1999, when the internet was new and exciting and holy. Since then I have flown from my former home and landed in a new place entirely. Since I have arrived in this place I have become familiar with its denizens and have come to resent and love the way they treat each other, their flaws, their triumphs, their thoughts. These days it’s so hard to distinguish the clean from unclean, holy from unholy, based on looks alone so I have started to look into people’s hearts… It’s a pain.  But I have found someone… so pure in his flaws and in his true self. I have been watching him go through life in all of its trials and challenges for quite some time… the way he goes through life with such conviction only to be objectively wrong in the end is painfully beautiful to me. In his world, he is at the bottom of a pit. In this pit, he sees and cares for people that he will never touch. Always trying to climb up, never able to see the world as it truly is. Until now I haven’t found a soul so beautiful but so trapped. 

[She leans forward in her seat and puts her chin in her hands.]

…I think I am in love.”

For the whole script, strap on your safety belt and head over here.