Serena Miller – The Effervescent Light and Never Ending Darkness

The collage set I created is my definition of the theme “interworld” by piecing together the two universes of my life. Yin and Yang, light meeting dark, safety versus mystery, each being their own abyss. The effervescent light side of my collage is based on the warmth of my childhood and the comfort of possibility in new beginnings. When I was young, I was graced with the feeling of pure joy, each new thing was an exciting experience. For this I composed a bright and light color palette.

The never ending darkness reflects my unknown future, bringing up swirling thoughts of unease and fear. Translated in deep purple, blues, and murky green.The baby reminds me that life constantly imitates the past, and everything that you come from, follows you forever. Within the darkness there is always a silver lining to discover.