The Road Best Taken: Start

Through the words of Bob Marley, I would like to ask you to, “Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” If you are not, be aware that you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by Harrisin Interactive, only one third of people in the U.S. are happy with their lives. The numbers may be overwhelming but it is not a surprise to me because I was one of those individuals myself. The journey toward contentment is different for everyone. Some will need a life-changing transformation to be pleased and others simply need a little motivation. But of all the changes a person can make, conforming to a healthy lifestyle is (in my opinion) the most effective way to achieve inner satisfaction. It not only can increase one’s happiness, but can also increase life expectancy!

It certainly works for me. My name is Kareena. I am sixteen years old and a junior at Abraham Lincoln High School. (Go Mustangs!) I have played many sports throughout my sixteen years, but have narrowed my focus to track and field. Volleyball was a big part of my life for about nine years and most people probably identify me with it, but recently I found that it no longer provided me with the satisfaction I needed, so I decided to stop playing competitively.

Departing from that part of my life might not have been the “healthy” decision because it meant giving up some of the exercise I was used to having on a daily basis, but it allowed me to explore other parts of myself and to experience a different life (beyond a year-round commitment to playing sports). Writing this column for The Wave is my way of continuing my commitment to health and fitness but instead of focusing on myself, I will be sharing my tips, philosophies and recommendations that I think others could benefit from. In doing so, I hope more people will join me on this journey and share the love.

Words and images by Kareena