The Road Best Taken: The Little Things


In the world we live in today, it is quite easy to lose sight of things that truly matter. We take much of life for granted and fail to appreciate the amazing benefits that it has to offer. We walk through the rose garden without stopping to smell the roses. We have a six hour layover in a cool city and don’t go out to experience it. We go to buffets without trying everything! I, for one, am guilty of all of those things. In fact, until recently, I did not realize the beauty that lies within the city I live in. I thought that San Francisco was not up to par because I did not take time to look at the things around me. 

This lack of observance plays a considerable role in our unsatisfactory attitude. This attitude keeps us from being happy and turns us into Grumpy the dwarf. And I know it can be hard to find time in our busy schedules to notice the little details around you, but I assure you, when you do, it will lift your mood as well as change your outlook on life. Once you look a little closer, dig a little deeper, it will be easy to notice and understand things that you have never noticed or understood. Using twenty seconds out of the day to look at something in a different way has the potential to change your life forever.

Some of these “little things” include (but are certainly not limited to):

-the flowers in the garden that you see walking home from school
-the fact that my nails match the taffy at the store
-shapes made by clouds in the sky
-the sunset
-the sunrise
-a kiwi in the sand
-a flower peeking out of a crack in the sidewalk
-the way the leaves wave in the wind
-the fact that your favorite musical artist makes music for YOU

Now, the transition to fulfilment may not come immediately. It certainly did not for me. I spent a whole 15 years not seeing how amazing my hometown is. I did not understand the power of small details in our lives that we always overlook. When I finally did, I realized that San Francisco has a lot to offer. There is nothing like this city in the world, from its food to its sites to its diversity. I can get Japanese food, Mexican food, Chinese pastries, and Jamba Juice all on the same block! This initial realization also sparked another realization that everyone and everything has a purpose no matter how small. We all help the world operate as a whole, similar to the cells in your body who actively work to keep you running.

Words and images by Kareena