Pasted Mind: aliens anonymous

Charlie Persuk

i make cool collages about cool stuff

If you asked me what, exactly, this poem is about, I couldn’t fully tell you. Not because it’s a grand secret or anything, just because I honestly don’t know. I love the aesthetic of space and the stars, and my dad and I are both conspiracy theorists at heart, so I think it was inevitable I’d end up writing about aliens and the like at some point. Apart from the poem, this summer I’ve really noticed my collages improving. I’m experimenting more with different shapes of images I choose, and I’m trying to take more risks with my GIFs, and I think it’s paying off.


aliens anonymous

i am molded with stardust and comet tails and

woven from threads of our universe

cross-stitched and hemmed

and stuffed with galaxy perceptions.


moon-faced child

tripped over a moonrock

fell past the stars

and forgot my way back home.


i do not remember life before earth

only carbonated memories of life past

bubbling the asteroids in my blood

reminding me i am alive

and i am waiting.


i used to spend hours human-watching

to live and fit in,

become the closest to a human i can be

yet i still find myself lost in galaxies

dreaming of spaceships and nebulas

outside of my mind’s control


sometimes i still feel like i’m dreaming

even when i am wide awake

a sleeping mask over my third eye 

hiding my true vision

light years of knowledge passed down through generations

of alien species 

humanity twists and turns but the planets will be the same even when they are gone


(i wonder if i will be gone too)


am i too human to live amongst the aliens i grew up around?

have i spent too long trying to conform to the world i was not meant to be in?

the only thing keeping me going is the stardust memories i try to erase

what would my family think of me?

fighting tooth and nail to perfect my own mask

ripping the stitches only to re-sew the seams

and put it back over my third eye

ayy lmao