Jenn’s Jams ♪: Maps (Cover)

Hello friendly spirits!

I’m back with my first song of the 2014 fall cycle at “Sunset Media Wave,” and it’s gonna be Maroon 5’s new single, “Maps” (from their fifth studio album, V).

“Maps” was released in the summer and it’s been topping the music charts ever since. As most of you can probably tell, I really love Maroon 5 and choosing to cover a second song by them was completely unintentional (not that it’s a bad thing –– in fact, I love it!). V is an amazing album as a whole, and you guys should all check it out sometime.

“Maps” is the album’s most popular track. I love the song and I think it’s so amazingly catchy. I couldn’t get the song out of my head the first time I heard it, so I decided to cover it and make a version with my voice. Follow the map that leads to me and take a listen! (This is your cue to laugh, even though I’m not funny. But at least I try really hard!) Let me know what you think.

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