The Road Best Taken: The Smile Jar



It’s D-I-Y time so get your arts and crafts smock on! This week I will be sharing a craft that I find extremely cute and clever. It is very easy to make and does not require many materials. 

The “Smile Jar” is something that you can use when you are feeling down or just want to remember some amazing times in your life. It will always be there for you!
Consider it your new best friend!

…but don’t let it replace your current friends…

Anyways, let’s get jiggy with it and start this craft!

Jar (with lid*)
Scissors/Paper Cutter
*Writing Utensil (Pen, Pencil, etc.)

* = Optional

1. Open a word document (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) and type out some quotes, moments, or anything that makes you smile. (I shall call these quotes and moments smile triggers.) The different smile triggers should be spaced out as they will be cut later. If you do not want to type them out, you can also hand write them on a piece of paper.

2. If you typed your smile triggers, print out the word document.


3. Cut all of the different smile triggers into strips.


4. Put the strips of paper in your jar. You may have to fold the strips to fit in the jar.


5. Personalize your jar! You can go all out by painting and gluing all sorts of things on it or a less is more approach and add nothing at all.


And now you’re done! Just take a strip out whenever you need to and prepare for a wave of happiness. You can always add more smile triggers to your jar later on. The more smile triggers, the more meaningful and helpful it will be!

words and images by Kareena.