The Road Best Taken: Effectively Save Money



My parents have taught me many important lessons to shape me into the person I am today. Among these lessons are: always say thank you, be appreciative of what you have, working hard pays off, etc. Most of these lessons were obtained fairly easily, but one that I particularly had a difficult time perceiving was how to save money. I have to admit, I love shopping. If I had to choose between a lavish lunch and a shopping spree, I would pick the shopping spree without thinking. It was not until recently that I began to recognize the importance of saving money. 

 Below are tips on saving money that I truly find useful:


1. Sign Up for Store Emails

Sign up for store emails, many sites include a discount just for subscribing! Stores also send exclusive sale info to their subscribers, which means more bang for your buck. Emails are not sent to you every single day either so do not worry about splurging every time you get an email.


2. Know When to Spend


3. Coins are Useful!

I know, the only thing pennies seem to be used for is weighing down your wallet, but they can do much more than that! All of the coins you come across add up! Follow the example of those optimistic people in movies who save up for trips around the world penny by penny, dime by dime, nickel by nickel. It actually works!


4. Do NOT Go Grocery Shopping While Hungry

As a human, I know that it is hard to walk away from the Hot Cheetos in your favorite aisle of your favorite store as you stare drooling at it for a good five minutes. That is why I recommend eating before going shopping. Not only will you have more energy, you will also be able to restrain yourself from buying everything in sight. I call that “hitting two birds with one stone!”

Words by Kareena. Images via Google.