Phrike: Introduction

Consider the possibility of your darkest insecurities coming to life. Though likely implausible, what if? Illustrated in Phrike, an original work from me to you, I formulate this question into a webcomic to be pondered, and to provide the answer to the question: what if?

In Phrike, a handful of seemingly different kids are connected by one thing: their desperate need to be somewhere else. Everyone grabs something from a stubborn guy with a low price, but they end up paying much more than they had bargained for when something awakens; the very monsters that plague them in their head: but now they’re alive and every moment is shrouded in whispers and taunts. How much can they take? What will break them?

Consisting of 1-2 short stories total, Phrike is a combination of written work and art panels. I own a Huion Q11K, but switch between that and a Wacom Intuos Pro for the artwork. I start off with sketches for the scenes I want to illustrate, complete the lineart, then color and cell shade. I am hoping that digital art tools will make it easier for me to produce something I’m confident about, and I’ll do my very best.

Talent can only get you so far in the art industry, so I’m counting on experience to pull me through. My name is Cameron Chan, and I’m a Sophomore at Lowell High School. I’m fourteen years old, but I skipped 6th grade, making me younger than most (if not all) of my friends and classmates. Adding onto regular classes, I attend Artworks Fine Art Studio, and have been for the past nine years of my life. Additionally, I try my best to draw daily, no matter what; I’m constantly trying to improve. Art affects everything I do, and I can’t imagine a world without it.

IG: @twentysevenpencils