Daydreaming in Harmony: Lost City


Here’s my first song, “Lost City”. This song was inspired by a video I watched in my marine science class showing the Lost City, named from the underwater city Atlantis. I’ve had a long time passion for the deep sea, and I tried as much as possible to create the mysterious atmosphere of the ocean in this song.

I get motion sickness really easily. And not only do I get sick from boats, but I also get sick from waves and can’t even swim in the ocean. Not that I care too much — rather than swimming in swimsuits on a hot summer day, I like walking alongside the beach after school, where there aren’t many people. There, I think about random things — a quiet beach is a great place to daydream and let your mind wander.

While listening to this song, imagine Sirens luring you into the deep blue.

Words, pictures, and music by Hannah Kang.