The Aftermath: The A-Team

Nick Chew

Aftershock…who are these people?

Jordan - Drummer

Jordan – Drums
Jordan is a superb musician who has been jamming with us for the past three years. Although he is a drummer of few words, Jordan definitely expresses himself through the rhythms he produces. He has mastered the fast double-bass drum technique (a valuable skill in metal) and always provides a driving beat. Jordan always makes his presence known through his drum kit and never fails to add his personal flare to the songs we play.

Cameron - Bass

Cameron – Bass
Bass suits Cameron’s personality. He’s a heavy guy, just like the bass lines he provides. The bass is commonly the most overlooked component of a band, but the music we play would feel incomplete if we didn’t have that lower half. Cameron has been an essential part of Aftershock’s rhythm section for three years. He has also been a very flexible musician, adapting to foreign music he had not previously been introduced to. If you tell Cameron to play something, he will without hesitation—which is critical in a band.

Nicholas - Lead Guitar

Nicholas – Lead Guitar
Nicholas is the cofounder of Aftershock and in many ways is the leader who helps the other members learn songs and is in charge of the rehearsal planning of the group. He is also the lead guitarist that is learning the challenging and distinguished role of playing guitar in a metal band. Although the material to learn is endless, Nicholas has honed his skills to mirror the fast licks of the metal guitar solos he loves. Using his perfect pitch (the ability to define a musical note by hearing it), Nicholas has begun to write his own pieces and is an important contributor to Aftershock’s production.

Oliver - Vocals/Bass/Drums/Guitar

Oliver – Vocals/Bass/Drums/Guitar Technician 
Oliver is the most versatile musician in the band because he is able to play multiple instruments.  Over the years, he has been able to provide space and equipment for the band.  He has also never been afraid to write his own riffs and beats and always shares them with the group.  If we write music anytime soon, Oliver will probably be the creator of the riffs we use.  In many ways, Oliver has displayed many leadership qualities through his abilities to communicate and harmonize with his band mates.  To sum it up, every band rehearsal takes place in Oliver’s garage. Aftershock is also fortunate to receive guidance from Oliver’s dad, Steve.  Steve is a veteran bass player who has been nice enough to instruct us and be our roadie (the person who travels with a band and helps them set up equipment for shows). Oliver is also the most knowledgeable member of the band when it comes to all the instruments and technical equipment, earning him the title “Guitar Technician.”

Phoenix - Rythm Guitar

Phoenix – Rhythm Guitar

You can already tell from his presence—long black hair, a faded Slayer shirt, torn black jeans and his worn-down low-tops—this guy loves metal.  Pheonix is a year younger than the rest of us, but that is hardly noticeable when he picks up a guitar.  He is never discouraged from attempting to riff because his confidence is ineffable.  Phoenix is that guy with his amplifier on full volume at Guitar Center (and then is always asked to turn it down). His music taste is much heavier than the rest of the band, but that doesn’t stop him from playing mellower tunes as well. When he’s not at rehearsals, Phoenix is either at Guitar Center or playing his trombone. Phoenix’s passion and confidence will continue to play a pivotal role in Aftershock.


***Aftershock is playing live at Abraham Lincoln High School’s  Talent of Ages show on Friday, November 20, 2015 in the auditorium at 7:00 p.m.  Admission is $10, but be there to witness Aftershock’s first live performance!!! Abraham Lincoln High School’s location can be found here.***