Chibi Tribe: Momo The Archer

Name: Momo
Hometown: Chilero village
Tribe: Wind tribe
Position: A beginner archer
Age: 14
Fun Facts: Can be a bit of a crybaby, a trouble maker, a bit clumsy

Backstory: Momo’s parents left Momo in Chilero village when there were bandits bombing the whole entire village. Until one faithful day a man, Arno who’s the chief of the army from the wind tribe came to check how wreck the village was, and found Momo on some burnt tree, crying. Arno decided to take Momo to the wind village and decided to take care of Momo like a father. When Momo turned 10, she asked Arno to train her to become an archer, but Arno refused to train her until she understands how dangerous it is to get out side of the wind tribe to hunt for animals. Moms decided to self train herself to become strong and let Arno know that she knows how dangerous it can be to go off on her own without any help. So every night Momo would sneak out of the wind tribe and goes to the forest and train. When Momo thinks she’s ready to show Arno, she told Arno to meet her outside so she can show him that she is ready to go outside of the tribe off on her own. When Momo was done showing Arno that she can hunt animals, Arno was impressed that Momo self trained herself and told her that he’ll train her to become a better archer.