Mixtapes from the Bay: Plum Stained

There really isn’t anything like unwinding on a Friday night while listening to some jazz. (Speaking of which, be on the lookout for my other column, Postcards from the Bay, where I’ll explore San Francisco’s jazz center, the Fillmore District, otherwise known as the Harlem of the West.) But until then, here’s a playlist for all you jazz lovers.

Plum Stain is a short and sweet playlist where I show you my take on jazz. Personally, I’m pretty eclectic, and definitely do not like to stick to one genre. I live for the idea of having traditional jazz exploring elements of other genres—like R&B, electronic, and soul—so I wanted to do a mix of modern songs that have jazz undertones to them. And thus, Plum Stain was born. Give it a listen and check out the tracklist below.