Alfreddo’s Anime Corner: My Hero Academia

Hey, welcome to Alfreddo’s Anime Corner. I am your host Alfreddo and today I am reviewing an anime called My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia (in Japanese).

Synopsis: The anime’s main protagonist is Izuku Midoryia, who was born in a world where 80% of the population has “quirks” (a.k.a. superpowers), but Midoriya is part of the 20% that does not have any special powers.

Characters: 8/10

My hero academia character

Midoriya Izuku – A  shy, polite 14-year-old whose favorite super hero is All Might. Because he is quirkless, he has been bullied by Katsuki and his friends.

Katsuki Bakugou –  An arrogant, aggressive boy who has a quirk of explosive and who thinks he can be the number-one hero. His nick name for Midoriya is “Deku” which means useless.

Ochako Uraraka  Midroriya’s friend and classmate in high school. Her quirk is anti-gravity( Whatever she touches floats.)

All Might – Number one super hero in this city and also known as the symbol of peace. Recently he teaches at a super hero high school and Midroiya’s idol.

Iida Tenya – Class president of  1-A (Midoriya’s class mate) His quirk is engine where he has the power of super speed.

Music: 10/10

The opening  music “The day “by Porno Graffitti is very lovely has a strong vibe to it tells the story of young Midoriya and how that one day he will rise up as the underdog since he doesn’t have any powers. The ending  “HEROS” by Brian the Sun has a  relaxing feel to it the theme to that ending is showing the journey of Midoriya.

Story: 10/10 Honestly the story I love it I would give it a 10/10. I am a sucker for this kind of plot because of the main character reflects on me. For example  he doesn’t have any quirk which to me resembles of lack of skill or talent to me both of us struggles to find something that we are good at and we both have a idol that we look up to. Each episode  has action pack , comedy and heartwarming scenes. Every Sunday when it came out i was excited to watch the anime but  every episodes come with a cliffhanger 🙁 .

My Hero Academia
Midoriya scared for his life when he first meets Iida

Animation: 8/10

The animation  for this anime is great the action when the characters are fighting.

1 best thing and worst thing about this anime:

Best thing bout My Hero Academia: The best thing about this anime is the characters the story plot and most of all the music.

Worst thing about My Hero Academia: Oddly there isn’t anything that i don’t like .

Alfreddo’s final words: 10/10 Overall this anime gets a 10/10 for its excellent story plot catchy opening and ending plus its loveable characters.  Not only that the comedy  gets me laughing every time something funny happens. If you like my hero academia I would recommend you a sports anime Yowamushi Pedal.