Music +1: PROJECT_2

Hi, it’s Karen and welcome back to my column, Music +1! For the last week, I have been busy making another cover, and this time, I put two songs that are almost the same tempo and key together: “Moonlight” by EXO-M and “Go” by Super Junior-M.

After creating my first cover, I went home and listened to it and found some mistakes, so while making my second cover, I made sure that I didn’t do those again. Some things that I learned making this cover is to create the beat first. In my first cover, I started by creating the counter-melody first, and when it came to actually creating the beat itself, the beat felt a bit rushed and not consistent. So when I started making this second cover, I made the beat first and made sure that it was consistent and the hits were the same length. And this time, because the songs were played according to the beat, they sounded a lot more on beat, which was a great improvement for me.

Another thing that I learned was that you can change how fast the tempo of the song is even after you have finished creating the covers. Because the two songs I used this time are not exactly the same tempo, with “Moonlight” being at 122 BPM (BPM stands for “Beats Per Minute”) and “Go” being at 128 BPM, I had to finish making Moonlight at 122 BPM, and then sped up the song tempo to 128 BPM to make sure that the beat was consistent. And after I finished making both songs, I set the tempo of the cover back to a tempo that is right in between the tempo for both songs. (Because the tempo is not exactly the same with the original songs themselves, you might find that one song was sped up, and the other song slowed down in my cover.)

Please stay tuned for my next cover, and thank you for supporting my column!