Alfreddo’s Anime Corner: My Love Story!!

Hey, and welcome to Alfreddo’s Anime Corner! I am your host Alfreddo, and today I’ll be reviewing an anime called My Love Story or Ore Monogatri!! in Japanese.

This anime revolves around Takeo Gouda, a very friendly giant. However, every time he confesses his love to a girl, they actually like his handsome best friend, Suna. Then, one day on the bus Suna tells Takeo there was a girl that was about to be groped by a stranger. This faithful day changed Takeo’s life, because he stops the person and him and the girl start in fall in love.

Characters: 10/10

Character Banner

Takeo Gouda – 6′ 5″ friendly giant who is kind, but who gets rejected by the girls he likes and intimidates the people around him with his height.

Yamato Rinko – 4′ 11″ girl who is almost groped by a stranger and is saved by Takeo. She falls in love with Takeo and her specialty is  baking sweets.

Sunakawa Mokoto – Takeo’s handsome best friend. All of Takeo’s crushes like Suna, but he rejects all the girls because they spread rumors about him Takeo and and talk behind Takeo’s back.

Music: 10/10
The music for this anime is amazing, especially the opening theme, “Answer,” by TRUSTRICK. The meaning behind the song comes from Yamato wanting to know if Takeo actually likes her. The ending theme is “Where About Happiness” by Local Connect, and it is about the happiness Takeo feels when he finds love and is grateful for it.

Story: 10/10
In my opinion the story gets a 10/10 because it is very unique. Normally, in an anime, you have a main character that is handsome and an average girl, but in this story you have a guy who isn’t handsome, but is tall and intimidating with a very cute girl. Still, deep inside the main character, Takeo, is a very kind-hearted person.

Oremonogatri captions

Animation: 10/10
This anime is very colorful and smooth, and made by a company called Mad House which I have huge respect for. In the past, they’ve done One Punch Man, Death Parade, and Parasite which are all highly regarded animes.

The Best Thing About My Love Story!!:
What I love about this anime is that the characters are well done and their personalities fit perfectly within the story. What I also like is in certain parts of the anime they insert some kind of comedy to make you laugh, especially when Takeo wants to learn about kissing someone and asks if he can practice with Suna (which, if you remember, is his handsome best friend).

The Worst Thing About My Love Story!!:
What I  don’t like about this anime is how dense the main character is. For example, when Yamato is showing signs that she likes Takeo, he is used to every girl he likes ending up liking his best friend, Suna. But Newsflash Takeo: She likes you, MAN! Also,  some of the drama in the story is unnecessary at parts. For example, when the anime introduces one of the classmates that likes Suna, it doesn’t contribute to the love story of Takeo and Yamato.

Alfreddo’s Final Rating: 10/10
Overall, this anime was spectacular to watch; it’s funny and has some very emotional scenes. Sometimes I can see myself in Takeo’s shoes, which makes this a very special anime in my heart. My favorite genre of anime is romance and when I first watched this anime, I fell in love with it and couldn’t wait every Wednesday to get back from school and watch it. If you do like My Love Story!! and want to check out something similar, I would recommend the Toradora series, which is also a very good romantic anime.