BedRock IQ: Creeper Encounter


Well hello, this is Mikyuki reporting in on her first day in this unfamiliar world. It reeks of gunpowder and the grass is tall, and I can’t really see what is around me. Maybe I should cut down some grass…. Or walk around blindly not knowing what I will bump into. Hmm… So many green-looking beings, they must be friendly and they are very quiet too. *Cricket noises* They have no arms, and they have four legs. Rectangular. Green beings.. *a voice in my head screams “creeper! run!”*

Maybe I should try to pet one. They seem like they would like being petted (and THAT was the time she knew she screwed up.) OUI. NAO. EXPLODIES. NAO. They are not friendly! I repeat: They are not Friendly! They explode like TNT!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, maybe they are small, walking packages of TNT. *sqweems in the midst of running around trying to run from the cubey-rectangley looking beings and also trying to find a place to build* Ah! I have founds a small notebook that looks similar to a guide in my pocket, cool! *reads book* Ah, apparently this green stick of TNT is called a creeper. WooOOOow!

*That concludes the first day of minecraft and a unlucky spawn in a field of creepers*