The Art of Robotics: Welcome to my Second Home

Welcome to my column, The Art of Robotics. My name is Angelina Wong, and I am an incoming sophomore attending the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, also known as SOTA. In addition to being a dedicated musician in the Piano Department at my school, I am also an active member of SOTA’s Robotics Club, the SOTA Cyberdragons: FRC Team 5700. I joined the club earlier this year when I entered high school, and through this column, I would like to share with you my adventures of being on the team.

Executive team members have an afternoon chat

I play many roles on the team—Director of Business Development, Co-Head of Logistics, and Mechanical Engineer, just to name a few. Robotics is a universe that, for many high schoolers, is a second home. I would like to expose you to everything that happens inside this home, beginning with a breakdown of the goings-on within each department of the team. Beyond that, I will be introducing you to the fundraisers and festivals that make our high school memories, and finally, ending with my thoughts on how I’ve evolved within the team. I hope that you will share these memories with as many friends, family members, and children as you can so that you, too, can expose them to a second home that fosters the STEAM (STEM with the Arts) in high schoolers across the globe.