11.5 x 14: Steep Ravine (Part Two)

11.5 x 14: Steep Ravine (Part Two)

In my last post, I shared a set of photos from Steep Ravine, but there were more photos I wanted to show, so here is Part Two. If you missed the last post, Steep Ravine is located in Mount Tamalpais State Park. The trail we went on stretches from near the mountain over to Stinson Beach and is a beautiful walk. Now, without further ado, here is the second set of photos from the majestic Steep Ravine.

Eerie trees bending in every direction

Trees growing towards the sky

The creek is finally calm here

The terrain inside the creek is all rock

A green paradise

The creek creeps through a murky part of the trail

My dog stands at the edge of the creek loving this walk

He looks over the land as if he is protecting his territory

The water falls off a mini cliff that slightly resembles a turtle

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