Wandering on Cloud Nine: Spanish Food Guide

Tapas, paella, tortillas, and churros con chocolate; what do they all have in common? They are all Spanish foods! Last summer I went back to Europe and I explored Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy. Watch out for my future posts about these wonderful places, but for now, it’s all about Spanish food. Spanish food mostly consists of olive oil, saffron, and paprika. If you have not tried Spanish food, you are definitely missing out.

The churros I’m used to are served by themselves and covered in sugar. In Spain, they do it a bit differently. Instead of covering them in sugar, they keep the churros plain and simple. The melted chocolate served on the side makes up for the lack of sugar coating and it’s not too sweet; which I prefer. Churros con chocolate are usually eaten for breakfast with a glass of orange juice. It’s the perfect way to start your day! I went to a popular churreria in Madrid, Chocolateria San Gines, and the lines were out the door. Everyone was excited to eat churros con chocolate.


When people think of Spanish food, they usually remember paella first. Paella is one of the staple dishes in Spanish culture. Paella is a Valencian rice dish that usually consists of white rice, green beans, meat, white beans, and seasonings like rosemary and saffron. There are many variations. Some paella include seafood and there is even one with black rice. I ate so much paella in Spain, but my favorite still has to be my grandma’s paella. She uses both meat and seafood and sometimes, she adds cheese. This dish is all over Spain. Most restaurants there have their own paella, so it won’t be hard to find a place to eat.


This one may not seem as appetizing as the other dishes, but its actually one of my favorites. Boquerones are fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar. I was reluctant to try them at first, (I really disliked anchovies) but this tapa was amazing. These are especially good when put on top of bread. It may seem unappetizing, but trust me when I say it was one of the freshest and most delicious dishes I tried in Spain. I definitely recommend getting out of your comfort zone and trying it.


Spain is also known for their ham or “jamon”. Jamon Iberico is the most popular type of ham in Spain. It melts in your mouth and the saltiness is just right. There are many shops in Spain that are solely for jamon. Inside the shops, huge pieces of ham are displayed all around and the butchers cut super thin slices right in front of you. I knew that Spain was really into ham, but their obsession was next level.


As much as I want to talk about all the Spanish food I tried, these are just a few of my favorites and most highly recommended. Hopefully this will give you the gist of what Spanish cuisine is about. Stay hungry my friends and stay tuned for my next adventure!