The Guest List: Nicole and the Dead Bird

Naomi Hawksley

Birds are still out and about plotting against the rest of the world. As Nicole and Ciara found out, some people are aware of this and paying their respects.

The following is the telling of yet another strange occurrence involving birds:

Ciara: Uh…uh.. [Nicole and I] were at Ocean Beach for some really dumb bonfire thing. We were in eighth grade and it was like ‘Oh my God. Eighth-grade bonfire. So fun. So cool. Ha. Ha’

Naomi: That was [Everyone our age two years ago] like two years ago.

C: Huh! Yeah.

N: [Everyone our age two years ago] like two months ago.

C: One month ago. Anyway we got there and it was not good, so we like walked away and we walked into the sand dunes and there was this cone. Or this shrine of stuff. Err… I don’t know what it was for. Maybe something died I guess. But there was this shrine and next to it was this orange traffic cone, but it was mini size.

N: Mini?

C: Yeah it was like a small one…

N: So cute!

C: It was like the size of a piece of paper. Like when you train a child on a bicycle and they go through the… yeah. The course.

N: The obstacle course, like for dogs. Have you seen Thundercat’s Over/Under where he rates competitive pet grooming?

All: Big laughs. Hahaha.

C: Yeah, like that.

N: Yeah.

C: But then she picked it up and turned it over. And a dead bird fell out of it and onto the sand and she screamed. Like, she screamed. I’ve never heard her scream except for that moment.

N: It wasn’t a big yell?

C: No it was like an ‘Aaahhh!’

N: [Gasp] Wow. From Nicole?

C: I know right.

N: That’s wild.

C: She does not raise her voice ever. I’ve never heard her scream ever.

N: I guess she only screams when dead birds are involved.