Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Fire Extinguisher

I absolutely cannot wait. Today will be the day!

But at the same time, I hope not, cause ya’ know… fire. But still, I absolutely cannot wait! I know I’ll save lives, I know I’ll be useful. I’m there for them, my owners. I’m always there. I’ll repay the favor for buying me. One day I will save them. I have been given a purpose in life and I cannot wait to fulfill it!

I sit in the corner, chemicals and feelings bubbling up from within me. I observe, biding my time constantly, ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. I analyze every situation. How can I be of service? How can I help? I absolutely cannot wait! I was carefully crafted in order to achieve my destiny. Every inch of me made to meet perfection, immaculate and pure. I represent comfort and security for my owners. I’m their safety crutch. In an emergency, I’ll save them. I swear I will, if it’s the last thing I do.

Admittedly, I feel lonely sometimes. The chances of being used are very slim. It’s easy to fall prey to negative thoughts. Have they forgotten about me? Will I ever be needed? Or worse, have I become obsolete? Yes, it’s very easy to go down the dark road, but I try to see the positive side of everything. I need to. Some may call me an optimist, but that’s simply because I prefer not to be a pessimist. Realized or not, given credit or not, I live to help. My dream is to save lives. I may be too ambitious, or unrealistic, but my hope keeps my passion burning.

I know I’ll save lives, but until that day comes… I absolutely cannot wait!