Psychic Psychedelia: A Vacation or Hell?

gotta get outta here…
sand in my eye…ouch
where’d they go…?
be careful…

“Give a camera the finger every time I hear a flick
The code has been cracked and I am the glitch, do you hear this shit
Like a rabbit turd, I swing on a track absurd
My rhyme schemes and my bars infinite
I hear your shit and get a little narcoleptic
I admit you’re kind of boring, I was out touring
Stroking kittens with dimples that remind me of Lauren
London on Thursday, Sunday I’m New Yorking
Brooklyn be the birthplace, Kings County caucus
Cut the malarkey, y-y-you don’t want no problems
Or drama, with zombies, get off me”

My Team, Supreme by Flatbush Zombies