Psychic Psychedelia: Progress Post 2

Psychic Psychedelia: Progress Post 2

Hey you! Yeah, you there. Have you listened to all this new music that’s been released?

You talking to me?

Yeah you! My boi Malik Payton (aka Xanubis) has released his three-song EP Flores!

Wow, that’s crazy where can I hear it?

It’s on Spotify and SoundCloud! Enjoy!

Life has been crazy lately; lots of change and emotion. Luckily the cure-all, music, has had my back and I have been listening to all kinds of new music. One of my favorite artists XXXTentacion released his album ‘?.’ It has some amazing tracks, especially ‘Infinity (888)’ featuring Joey Badass. Along with my good friend Malik, this music has had a huge influence on the aura I am trying to capture in my photos and the cover art I create. Here are some of my works in progress.  I have been experimenting with some color-changing tools in LightRoom and I really like the results. I hope you do as well!

on the sands of tatooine

ominous clouds

80’s vibes

questioning reality

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