A Comedian’s Guide to Being Funny : Uber Rides, More Pages and Playing on Words

Warning! This post won’t make sense if you haven’t seen the previous post! 

(Unless you’re cool and you don’t accept handouts from anyone.)

After my second encounter with the Jugular, my escape was not as magical as I hoped it would be. Getting an Uber back to the SSB (Super Secret Base) in black clothes, an invisible cape, and disguising make-up didn’t really help me get that 5-Star client rating. Did you know the Jugular is invisible to the naked eye? The Uber didn’t know where to find me at all, until I went outside. According to the driver, I was at a Fuzzy Cat Sock convention that had was closed down three days ago. Boy, did I have a story for him about my adventures in the Fuzzy Cat World. But as you know, from the last surveillance footage, that I was able to gain another page from the majestic tome of all knowing humor. They hid the book on a very high shelf which required incredible bravery and skill to access (stepping on a chair might not sound that intense, but Chinese people like me aren’t really into putting shoes on furniture). Curse my bad balance, which led to my demise. While in the SSB, I iced my broken ankle and broken heart while trying to decipher the cryptic text on this page.

After several all nighters, I was able to comprehend Step #7, which talks about playing on top of words, as far as I can tell.

Step #7

How to Play on Words!

To play on words is a magical thing that not many simple-minded people understand the value of. Look beyond a word’s basic meaning and conjure the meanings that have the makings of a good joke. It will make you think, and it will make you wonder, but don”t give up, as this is not your last hour. To make people think is not as easy as it seems, but when you play on words, the humor will beam… right out of you ( I tried to make it rhyme, but perhaps I should stick to humor). It’s hard to replicate something that was created from a different angle, but to get started, find some words and play on top of them! You can play basketball on them, jump rope, or even play with a Nintendo game boy. Just to show them who’s boss! Here are a couple to try your luck at. 

Why is “dark” spelled with a K and not a C? Because you can’t C in the dark!

One time I had a dream that I was drowning in an ocean of orange soda. Good thing it was just a Fanta Sea.

When I undress in the bathroom, even my shower gets turned on.