The Sunset Lifeline: – Busy Buddies – [Life Keeps Moving]

Putting it bluntly, finals are coming up. This means countless all-nighters and endless testing. It’s rough, and I’ve had my fair share of stress and grievances these past few weeks. A school year is coming to an end and thus a new one awaits on the horizon. What does this mean? Unfortunately, The Sunset Lifeline will have to make a halt for the time-being as I reassess my future plans. For this post as well as the last one, there will be a shift in the perspective of my videos. Talking about school is great and all, but it’s hard to relate when you barely know anything about the person behind the video. This rendition of The Sunset Lifeline will be a “vlog” so to speak that aims to capture some of the experiences I go through on a daily basis.