Pasted Mind: multiMEdia

Certain parts of my life are too abstract to write down, but they fill me with a passion so intense that I can’t help but try to share. As an avid art lover, but only a jack of all trades, I wanted to make collages incorporating many different art forms to replicate themes in my life. For each collage, I used:

  • Original art (from friends and my own)
  • Magazine clippings
  • Stickers
  • Colored paper
  • Written and printed poetry
  • Photographs
  • GIFs and digital art

This post is a preview of my collaging style, which I’m still in the process of discovering (I’ve never made a collage before this one!). I wanted to be the first theme of my collage, so people reading this could get to know me better. Hope you find some insight into my life or something.


traditional boo boo the fool