The Coolyst Duelyst: Budget Argeon Highmayne Deck

Joshua Yee


Duelyst Budget Lyonar Deck List:

Spells: Auryn Nexus x2 True Strike x2 Sun Bloom x2 Afterblaze x2 Divine Bond x3 Martyrdom x3 Holy Immolation x3 Divine Liturgy x2

Minions: Azurite Lion x2 Pureblade Enforcer x2 Windblade Adept x2 Silver Guard Knight x3 Lysian Brawler x3 Ironcliffe Guardian x3 Second Sun x1 Prominence x1

For this budget Lyonar deck, you are going to be playing around big minions, and by big, I mean a lot of health. Divine Bond and Diving Liturgy are going to be your main spell card, which will also be your win condition. Your main goal of this deck will be to deal unexpected amounts of damage to your opponent in the early to late game, with only one minion. For example, if you already have an Ironcliffe Guardian on the board next to the enemy general, with Divine Bond, you could be dealing thirteen points of damage. Of course, it will not be easy to pull this combo off, so I will be explaining all of the cards uses’ and how to utilize them on the board to set up a win condition.

Argeon Highmayne – This will be the first and best Lyonar general to play with this deck. The Bloodborn spell is unique to this general, giving any minion in the vicinity of your General a +2 Attack, which brings you closer to finishing off your opponent.

Auryn Nexus – This spell is especially good for this deck, because with the win condition being Divine Bond and Divine Liturgy, it is always good to have add on another 3 points of damage. The reason why we will only be adding two is due to its relevance throughout the game. It will be the only reason you win sometimes!

True Strike – We are going to use True Strike, to deal with the ranged minions you will run into occasionally. Being able to deal two damage to any enemy minion will also come in handy when trying to get rid of a body without taking damage.

Sun Bloom – This dispel card is great during the mid to late game. If your opponent has big buffs or great abilities, being able to dispel a two by two is always going to come in handy. For example, if you are against a Magmar with their ‘grows,’ you can dispel the minion with ‘grow’ to make its stats go back to the start.

Martyrdom – This spell is necessary for your deck because it is your main removal card. If you run into some minions that would be too much of a punish to your general and minions, Martyrdom is always a great spell in situations like this. Healing the enemy general won’t be a problem in the late game, because you will be one-shotting them, with divine spells.

Afterblaze – We will be using Afterblaze to buff up some of your minions to help them survive longer and be more of a threat. Buffing your minions early game makes your opponent waste a removable, which you wouldn’t want late game with your bigger minions. In addition, if you use this spell on a zeal, you will draw a card bringing you later in to late game.

Holy Immolation – This spell is a great card to have in this deck due to its lack of AoE. With Holy Immolation, you don’t have to worry about your opponent stacking up minions. Also you get to heal your minion for four points of health, which allows you to keep more bodies on the field.




Divine Bond and Divine Liturgy – These cards will be your main spells that you will want to use throughout the entire game. This is your win condition. With these cards you can buff up your minion by giving them an attack equal to their health, which will catch your opponent off guard and possibly cause them the game.






Windblade Adept – Windblade adept being a two mana minion is really strong being a 3,3. This will help dealing with the other opponents minions early game to help you get into late game control of the board. Also this card is great combined when with After blaze, allowing you to draw a card and have a 5, 7 on the board which makes you a big threat.

Azurite Lion – This minion with three points of health will help you early game with Celerity, which allows the minion to attack or move twice. It being only two mana and having a massive board presence on the first turn, will cause your opponent to take damage or waste a removal. Also with Afterblaze you can also tank it up to the point where your opponent is forced to use a removal.

Pureblade Enforcer – With this minion, I recommend playing it in the back behind your general. This minion will get tankier and tankier over the course of the game if the opponent doesn’t remove it. As you enemy uses spells, this card continues to grow in size and become more of a threat. Just like the Azurite Lion, it will act as a threat to force the enemy to waste a removal.

Sun Wisp – Sun Wisp is a great card to have especially for this deck where you want quickly advance to your combos. Being able to draw a card increases your chances of having a Divine spell in your action bar.


Silver Guard Knight – This minion being a three, five with zeal being a provoke will be a big threat to the enemy general. Being a provoke to will also be annoying for the opponent to deal with, not being able to run away. This will be one of the cards that you will want to combine with one of the Divine spells being able to deal 8 damage with only 6 mana.

Lysian Brawler – This minion with the celerity ability is a great way to deal 16 points of damage with one minion including Divine Bond. You will most likely not be able to pull this combo off because of your opponents’ removals, but if you got rid of them early, this card will be a game changer.

Ironcliffe Guardian – This 3, 10 provoke with airdrop, will be the main minion that you will want to use Divine Bond on. With ten points of health added to its attack making it thirteen, you will basically get the enemy general to half health. With this card in the late game, your opponent will not be able to move without a removal and will mostly die in two turns.

Second Sun – This minion being a possible eight, eight with zeal, will be a big threat to your opponent. With Divine Bond making it a sixteen damage minion, your opponent is forced to get rid of it without taking damage.

Prominence – This minion is a great card to have if you are falling back on your ability to pull off your other combos. Using your Bloodbound spell with this card on the board will allow you to produce many Silver Guard Knights, which protects you from the opponent and can help you win in the late game with Divine Liturgy.


Bonus effects that you will be dealing with as a Lyonar player will be:

Zeal – This attribute only is active while next to your general.

Celerity – Allows your minions to attack or move twice.