The Opal Projects: Project Remix

Hello friends of Opal Projects! How are you? Good, I hope! I shouldn’t be starting this post like that because it sounds so happy and optimistic. Actually, I’ve been feeling down, but in a very different way than I usually feel, because it’s been a lasting shitty feeling. I told myself that this year was going to be different and that my final year of high school was going to be a breeze, but it’s proven to be quite difficult so far. Stress and time management are two of my biggest problems and I basically cannot record my videos and edit them in time, so I’ve decided to explain my five emotions and how they relate to my life in monumental ways. As you may remember, the five emotions set out to explore were: commitment, drive, inquisitiveness, vulnerability, and confidence. I always have wanted to overcome them and I depended on another personality rather mine in order to face them, so I’ve decided that this is the best approach to accomplishing my goal.


I wanted to create a short story to show I could commit to something and finish it to my own satisfaction. I wasn’t able to complete my video, but which was disappointing. I have always been this way; it’s always been a struggle of mine to commit and I don’t know if it’s whether because I get bored with the task or my time management or my laziness. Let’s take a look at each of these.

The first reason is that I get bored with the task. There is something with my brain that if I don’t find enjoyment then I tend not to finish, or sometimes half-ass my way to completion. I have always had this problem ever since I was little, I would try new things, but once I wasn’t good enough or once I felt that I was not entertained, I would quit. It’s the same with small tasks that I didn’t necessarily have to finish, like reading a book or writing. 

The second reason is my time management. I didn’t have to develop this skill until I got into high school. Time management is definitely a big thing I have had to develop and I still don’t have it down. One of the reasons why this one is especially hard is because I don’t have as much time as I imagine in my schedule. I always think I have more time than I do because I don’t account for homework or breaks.

The third reason is that I am actually quite a procrastinator. I don’t like to always admit my faults, but the reality is that it’s true. I may avoid my homework or blow off memorizing my lines, and instead, watch Youtube. I know that these are common teen issues, but it’s something I have to keep my eye on because it can get out of control sometimes. Laziness is related to another one of my problems, which is a lack of drive.

Next post, I will be talking about my drive and my inquisition.