Meme Team: Velzoria

Camille Palomo

Velzoria is a half-Drow sorcerer; her mother is a human cleric and her father is a Drow rogue. Velzora was told that her mother died during childbirth, so she lived her life without a mother. Her father wasn’t around a lot, due to his job as a guildmaster, so his closest friend, Andvari, took care of Velzoria whenever he was gone. Velzoria spent most of her time in her father’s guild and she entertained herself by reading books, playing pretend games, and listening to the guild members’ stories about their lives. She wanted to go on adventures with the guild members, but they wouldn’t allow her due to her age and her inexperience as an adventurer.

As Velzoria grew older, she was able to join the other members on guild quests, as long as Andvari was there to supervise. While she was on a guild quest, Andvari was injured so badly that he almost lost his life. Velzoria, feeling anguished over his condition, was suddenly enveloped with magical energy and power and was able to heal him to full health. This shocked everyone, including Velzoria, but she was more excited to use her new powers on her future quests.

She would try out her powers during her guild quests and in her free-time. She hoped that her powers would convince the guild members to let her go out on a quest by herself, but they were against the idea. This made Velzoria upset and she ran away, deep into the woods. She felt like they treated her as a child and they couldn’t trust her to handle things by herself. Tired from all the emotions she was feeling, she decided to take a nap under a tree. She woke up after a few hours and walked back to the guild, knowing that they would be worried about her.

When she returned, she found the guild building under attack by an unknown enemy. She rushed in to protect her guild, but Andvari stopped her before she could get any closer and told her to leave. She begged him to let her help out the people she considered her family, but he told her to go find her father. He cast a spell on her that forced her to flee away from him and the guild. She was forced to run away, unable to resist the spell’s effect. After Velzoria was a considerable distance away, the spell wore off. She wanted to go back and protect her guild, but she did not want to go back against Andvari’s wish and she was genuinely afraid of the enemy who attacked her guild.

She traveled alone for a while, in search of her father. During her adventure, she bumped into a group who she now travels around with; Barrius (an Aasimar Warlock), Jin (a Changeling Rogue), Rhysend (a Tiefling Rogue), and Zachriel (a Tiefling Wizard). Amongst the entire group, Velzoria is the cheerful and carefree one. She deeply cares for her group and hopes that they all find true happiness in their lives. She does whatever she wants and doesn’t like to be restricted, which makes her prone to taking reckless actions.