Idioms 4 Idiots: End of the Rainbow

This is a bittersweet post as it’s my last for this cycle. I’ve had a great time meeting wonderful people, learning more about different tools and techniques and overall becoming more confident in my skills. At the start of this column, I was nervous to put myself and my art out there and face other’s critique. And over the course of this cycle and with the Wave’s support, I feel as though I’ve really grown in my skills and as a person. But that’s enough sappiness for one post! Or is it…? Warning, cheesiness ahead!

For my idiom this week, I chose “end of the rainbow” for my last post because (if you’ll remember the rest of the phrase), at the end of the rainbow is a leprechaun’s pot o’ gold! Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out where the idea of a leprechaun hiding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow came from. In any case, it only demonstrates how old of an idiom it is. I chose this idiom for one main reason: it demonstrates my feelings towards the Wave perfectly. It might be cheesy, but I see SMW as a pot of gold. So, I made a little rainbow and the logo on the building to represent the pot of gold.

Well, that’s going to do it for this cycle. I hope this column made you look a little closer at some idioms you hadn’t thought much about before. Hope to see y’all soon!