Child Wonder: What the Fudge!

I asked a few friends and colleagues of mine to describe Lowell as a fictional character. They had the option to imagine whatever they pleased and everyone agreed that it would be Gloppy, the chocolate monster from Candyland. I was so confused because I had never played Candyland, so I searched the description of Gloppy the chocolate monster and came up with the following:

“Just before you get to the Candy Castle, you’ll pass through the Chocolate Swamp, where you just might meet Gloppy. Don’t be afraid, Gloppy might look like a monster, but he’s really a lovable glop of chocolaty goo. But Gloppy gets very lonely sitting in the swamp all by himself so give him a hug and you’ll have a friend forever.”

I was really confused as to why many people agreed that GLoppy could be Lowell’s new mascot. I have been in this school for three years and it led to a rollercoaster of emotions. If I gave a grade to each year, these would be my results:

Freshman year: C

Sophomore year: A+

Junior year: B

Senior year: Not graded yet

I have had classes I have loved and looked forward to, as well as classes that put me to sleep. Once, I got so bored in my History class that my daydreaming led to a vision of Normal SpongeBob turning around to wave and say, “Hi, how are ya?”

There are times when I wanted to be kidnapped by Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle, making the excuse that they need me for a murder investigation, a witness to a crime, a background character, or just babysit Terry’s kids with them! How can Lowell be more stressful than solving mysteries with the best detectives of the NYPD department?

Lowell isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Some of the stereotypes are true and some are not. Lowell is a fun place, especially with the right people around you. My group of friends are loud cheery dorks who make me feel like a little kid. I have 7th period for lunch and it gets pretty lonely, but I have some friends who come by and hang out, which is nice because we laugh, talk, and get along together as we make memories I will remember long after they graduate. I’m going to miss the seniors, especially Joanne and Aj. I’ve known Joanne since freshamn year, and got close with her sophomore and Junior year when we did Starbucks runs together during second block. She is like a mother figure to me; I cannot wait to see what’s in store for her. Aj is one of my weirdo friends I’ve gotten to meet this semester. He takes Advanced Choir, which is during 7th block, so when they get let out early. I’ve only known Aj for a semester, but he’s become a friend to me like Stitch – he’s the Stitch person in my group.

That’s all for now, have fun with the rest of your school semester Lost Youth and remember it’s never too late to make friends. I’ll talk to you later Lost Youth!