Cut & Paste: The Rules

When I was in middle school, my mom got me a subscription to Teen Vogue for my birthday. In 2018, they stopped printing the physical magazine and replaced it with a hair and beauty magazine called Allure. I was annoyed by this, but my subscription continued and I still get an Allure issue every month. Although I preferred Teen Vogue’s more activism-focused opinion and thought pieces to Allure’s hair tutorials, I noticed that their posts are more simple and visually appealing. Eventually, I started making use of the magazines that were collecting dust in my room by making collages. Last cycle, I would print things out that reminded me of important places. Now I’m going to be using magazines, which will be more challenging, but I’ve made that my only rule, aka creative limitation. By doing this, I hope to focus more on the visual aspects of my collages this cycle.