Golden Hour: Indubitably

Golden Hour: Indubitably

I don’t think I’m prepared for my future because I’m lost and scared to be honest. I don’t know what to do.” – Burke Nguyen 

7:43 PM

What makes a person beautiful to me is being authentic and always bringing the best out of people. I love positive outgoing people, people who are willing to help others, and have a good heart.”

7:45 PM

Everyday, we have the opportunity to grow and discover new things, but things were different for my parents. I’m over here getting caught up in emotions and feelings, but they came here as refugees from the Vietnam war just hoping to make a living. They never got to choose their future. They never said ‘Oh I want to be a doctor or a singer.’ That really puts things into perspective. How lucky I am to have them.”

7:46 PM

“I’m into sad love songs. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m always heartbroken. But I don’t regret, I learn.”

7:57 PM


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