In The Loop: Wet Hands

Welcome back to In The Loop! Last year, I wrote about how I produced my own track. This year, I will be doing things a bit differently – each post will consist of a video, showing how I made a short beat. The genres of the individual beats will vary, to keep the column interesting.

For now, enjoy a closer look at the first beat I made this summer:

Minecraft. One of the biggest games in the world. It used to be cool. Everyone played it. Things started to take a turn when people realized the fanbase mostly consisted of annoying little kids. Minecraft then became cringe. No one wanted to be associated with it anymore.

Recently, however, ten years after its initial release, Minecraft has begun to make a comeback. Things like SMPLive (a server of Twitch streamers) have drawn people back to playing Minecraft. When first logging into a new world, the nostalgia is overwhelming. No matter what biome someone spawns into, it always feels like home.

I, too, began to play the game again. Now that I’m more into music than I was when I first played Minecraft, I noticed how nice the soundtrack is. The soundtrack is so simple, yet so intriguing. When a song comes on while the game is being played, it is practically imperceptible. The soundtrack doesn’t overwhelm the gameplay – that’s what makes it so special.

I always liked the song “Wet Hands”, off of Minecraft Volume Alpha. I figured out how to play it on my guitar, and decided to record it. I had the idea to make the recording into a chill beat. I only worked on it for about two hours. There isn’t anything fancy in the beat, it’s just nice and relaxing, like the Minecraft OST.

Let’s go into the loop of C418 – Wet Hands (Devon Saucedo Remix).