Thinking about joining Sunset Media Wave and putting your own personal brand of expertise out into the universe? Excellent—you’re in the right place. To surf The Wave with us, be sure to get your application in by August 18th, 2017. To apply, take a look at the questions here and e-mail us your application before the deadline (and note that early applications receive priority).

To be able to know what you might be able to The Wave, in terms of a column and of general vibes, we’ll need to learn more about you as a person and as a creator. We are open to many different areas of interest, which can be seen in the diversity among our many columns, but what we’re most interested in is you. Your passion and interest in a subject is really what will make a column blossom on our blog.

If you don’t necessarily know in any certain terms what your potential column could be with us, that’s okay too—we can help you with that. If you want to delve into something that you’ve tried here and there but aren’t exactly an “expert” at, that’s okay too—again, we can help you with that.

For a closer look at what our awe-inspiringly creative Wavers have made in recent months, take a look at Ciara’s Midnight Snack Homeshake™ (a photography column that illustrates dreams), Devon’s 11 1/2 x 14, (a travel column showing the vibrancy of the world through photography), Lola’s Let’s Talk About Sex  (a unique column that discusses some of the stigmas around sexuality), or Melina’s The Meme-ing of Life (a nonfiction story-based column highlighting advice and life changes). To add a cherry to an already amazing ice cream sundae, these awesome columns are all just from our most recent summer cycle, and they’re not even all of them (over the years, The Wave has had upwards of a hundred columns)!

Ultimately, Sunset Media Wave is a very diverse, creative group of students, and every year, we look forward to ringing in new Wavers. We look forward to welcoming you to the Wave!