Pasted Mind: self-poisoning, pink

It was quite difficult to figure out which poem I wanted to use for my last collage of the summer. All the ones I had in mind were either too short, not edited enough, or so old that I didn’t like them anymore. What I ended up doing instead was combining two poems – one that was short and didn’t really have any meaning, and another that was old, but that had potential. Enjoy!


self-poisoning, pink

your velvet laps my mouth

but my tonsils turn fuchsia 

and cheeks and nose tint cherry.

you line my lips, 

adorn my thoughts like a crown of rose thorns.


your backwashed mouthwash

and rosé-flavored mumbling

forced me to turn to

electric hot pink bath water

a toaster to plug in

pills no larger than a dime

no stronger than acetone

no pinker than how you make me feel

to cope with the bubbling magenta in my blood.


life with you

is life lived through a rose-colored contact lens

mind clouded with your coral 


i sit and stare, practically drunk

on your wine-tinted energy.


my cotton candy thoughts of love

are not for you to receive as necessities

they are generosities

received as strawberry tokens of knowledge

that the world doesn’t revolve around me

or you

just as the earth does not revolve around the sun

just as one color is no better or worse than another

just as we are only flesh and blood

tinted pink.