Hay Fever: In Tha Stu

We in the studio! On the day I started recording my song a few weeks ago, I took some photos with Michelle, an incredibly talented photographer here at SMW. We found a cool car a couple blocks down from our building, and ended up with this sick picture.

My guitars and I out here.

As for the actual recording session: playing bass is harder than it seems. It’s an art form in itself, that I hope to master and understand one day. I’m primarily a guitar player, so writing and tracking the bass line was a bit challenging. I wanted it to be heavy yet intricate, resulting in parts that follow simple note progressions and parts that follow more complex melodies. I tracked all of my instrumentals that day. This is a picture of me looking pretty excited about that.

Me after tracking my guitar parts!

I still have a lot to do in terms of recording and editing, but we’re getting there!