Fast Past: Progress and Popping Out

Plans have been rolling along with my map! I figured out a super cool fold for the whole thing and have sketched out an initial design. Before I go too far, let’s talk about the Miura fold, which allows my map to pop open and closed in one movement. I think that it’s super neato! It’s all about folding the paper into parallelograms that guide the paper folds in all the right directions. Remember those fold-out greetings cards you got when you were a kid? Same concept!

Another fun fact: because of its nature, this fold is used on the ISS in the solar panels so they can open and close easily. I think that it’s super cool, but that’s just my opinion based on my growing appreciation for solar panels and other devices that allow us to live in space to escape this crowded planet and antiquated public transportation lines like the L. (More on that later.) Anyways, I’ve included a GIF that shows how it works! Pretty cool right? That’s your sneak peek for today; I’ll see y’all in the next post!