Helianthus: Land of Flower Parasites

Samantha Kuang

Welcome to Helianthus, a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by flower parasites. In my column, I will introduce you to some of the survivors who cling to life in a land that used to be filled with people and cities, but has now been laid to waste. The idea for this column originated in my first year of digital media academy at Lincoln High School, where we are able to pick a passion project that we could work on whenever we were finished with our main assignments.

As I was brainstorming, I thought of some things that I enjoyed. The top of my list included art and videogames. I’ve always thought that it might be nice to create videogames or make my own game; however, my knowledge of coding is very limited. I thought that I could use my art and Photoshop skills to create something that resembled a videogame without it actually having to construct a full game from scratch.

Eventually, I decided to focus on world-building in my column, which will include drawing the different assets that I will need, including a title card, loading screen, inventory panel, quit game screen, and a short GIF. My posts will be about the process of creating each image, which will also include a bit of background about how it illustration relates to the world of the game. I’m excited to begin creating this world and for you to join me!