Helianthus: Why Do I Hear Boss Music?

The title for this post was inspired by a meme with a flower monster that says, “Why do I hear boss music?” This ominous meme is used whenever something dangerous is about to occur. The meme has its origins in a common trend of boss music playing when the player is about to engage in a boss. In this post, I focused on one of the scenes in the game, where two of my characters face off in an alleyway at night. I was inspired by the bosses in the games Bloodborne and Dark Souls and by the anime, Sword Art Online.


Below are some old character drafts for the witch. This is the same character that I drew for the game’s starting screen, though I adjusted the old design to include changing her hair color. Also, if you look at the side notes I wrote, you’ll notice that I wrote ‘Witch Doc,’ however, I scrapped the idea of the doctor because I ended up making another doctor/scientist in the game and I felt that it would be redundant to have two doctors.

Even though Moka is not visible in my main image. I felt that it would be nice to include some character drafts of her old design because she is the one fighting with the witch. As you can see in my notes at the side of the image, I planned for her to be the daughter of Yildun Linneaus, which is why if you look at my older post, he looks older than the drafts.

The first person point of view in the ‘screenshot’ is from my character Moka, who has purple hair and wears a skull mask. The reason they are facing off is because the parasite in the witch wants to infect as many people as possible in order to increase its chances of survival. Since the background was so detailed, I felt that it would be nice to look at it without the witch in it, as well.