CLAY’SMIND: A New Season

Since the last cycle, I’ve changed my artisitic direction.I’ve released a full album and went through a whole period of time of pondering various ideas. I wrote in my journal a few days ago and would like to share that as my intro to my new cycle of posts. It’ll provide a point of reference so readers can see where I’m at. I hope you enjoy!

“I’m in the weird aesthetic mood of autumn despite it being February. According to San Francisco weather and global warming, t-shirt season is starting. Purple and orange are my favorite colors and I really enjoy the colorway on Barney the Dinosaur. Speaking of dinosaurs, I’ve really gotten into them lately (specifically the T- Rex). Another interest I picked up recently is BMX biking. Speaking of autumn, I really wish it were September so I could bike around and dive into maple-colored leaves. This gives me a good reason to transition to flowers – which are gorgeous – specifically daisies with yellow petals. In my class notebooks, I’ve been drawing daisies like crazy along with dinosaurs. The season of autumn reminds me of sweater vests. I want to turn an orange sweater hanging in my room into a sweater vest. People shit on the concept of sweater vests a lot and say they’re ugly, stupid, and obsolete, but I feel like more people should be open to the idea of something different because that leads to new innovations in culture and society. That’s about as deep as I’ll go in this journal entry. See you soon!”