M.V.P. – Motivation. Vision. Perseverance. : Bump, Set, Spike

Hello fellow quarantiners! Today, I’m going to be setting you up with a little volleyball update. Volleyball was one of the sports I didn’t start until 6th grade because I was so focused on basketball. I played on two teams, my school team and another outside league team, as setter and outside hitter. My school team was composed of club ballplayers, which allowed us to play in higher divisions.

Throughout my years of playing volleyball, communication has always been emphasized by my coaches, peers, and mentors. It is important to talk with your teammates on the court because it prevents many missed opportunities caused by hesitation and misunderstanding.  Sending clear signals on the court also minimizes collisions as everyone is focused on the ball’s trajectory in the air as opposed to where they are going. In other words, a confident voice can save games and prevent serious injuries as well.

Just as communication is important in volleyball, it is also fundamental to success in our relationships and careers. Talking with other people spurs teamwork in a job setting and gets things done more efficiently. Even in this time of quarantine, I find myself needing to talk with friends and family because it gives me something to do and takes my mind off of the realities our world is facing. Without seeing or talking to anyone, life can become boring, lonely and even depressing at times. However, if I have someone to talk to, I can share my struggles and prevent them from building up inside of me. 

During this quarantine, I hope that all of you have someone you can talk to. It’s a great time to reconnect with family, friends and classmates who you may have fallen out of touch with or don’t have enough time to hang out on the regular. Take the step, reach out and build the team that is going to help you through these challenging days.