Grey Smith: Finding Yourself

In the monotony of day to day life it can be easy to lose yourself. It happens. People m i s p l a c e things. Sometimes that thing happens to be oneself. Fortunately, most people find themselves again, sometimes in the most obvious places, like when your glasses turned out to be on your face the entire time. Sometimes, when you finally find yourself again, you find that you’ve changed completely! That’s alright. Just remember who you were and try to let go of the things that don’t really work for you anymore.

With these internal musings in mind, I wanted to portray finding myself through another mask that is different from the one I made last summer. That mask represented my feeling of uselessness and my inability to voice my problems. It was pale, had no actual mouth hole, and bore an expression of despair. This time around, my mask holds more strength. A newer character that includes feelings of autonomy and strength. This one has more vibrant and metallic colors, complete with a smiling mouth hole and a nose structure. I even wore this one in the picture because I wanted to be more confident. It’s nice when you find yourself again.